MyDashBoard is an intuitive Revenue Management and Forecasting Tool for Hotels

MyDashBoard is built on the principle that the most effective revenue decisions are made by frontline employees who are at the place of interaction between the guest and the business.

Experience the simplicity of a solution that doesn't tie you to your desk.

MyDashBoard is a revenue optimising tool for hotel revenue departments. It frees teams to focus on optimising performance in the workplace. No more extensive management time away from the shopfloor; empower those closest to the customer.


Convert Data into Intelligence

Simplicity is about easily reading the stories that your data is tell you.
Simplicity means analysis and understanding can be interpreted by your entire management team and not just by your Revenue Analyst.
Simplicity means Green = Good.
Revenue Management with MyDashBoard comes to life in meaningful and simple to use analytics in the hands of those who are empowered to make a difference.
A year from now you will be please you started today.

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Focus on what matters most

We are often distracted by lengthy and mostly historical reports. We spend more time explaining what has happened, instead of what we need to happen.

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